Do Genes Play a Role in Hyperacusis?

In the last two years, scientists have identified possible genes that may be associated with hyperacusis. We will summarize those genes here and update the list as new discoveries are made.


Researchers have discovered that mutations in the GJB2 gene can cause “hyperacusis-like hearing oversensitivity”. The authors suggest that carriers of this genetic mutation should be careful around daily noise exposure (Liu et al., 2023).


Twelve patients with chronic tinnitus and rare variants in the ANK2 gene all suffered some degree of hyperacusis. 75% of those patients had a THS-GÜF score higher than 18, which suggests that they experience high levels of auditory hypersensitivity (Martin-Lagos et al., 2024).


Children with FOXG1 syndrome (FS) often suffer from hyperacusis. Supported by a grant of Hyperacusis Research, researchers are investigating the link between the FOXG1 mutation and hyperacusis.