Kiko’s Hyperacusis Story

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I first experienced Tinnitus about twenty years ago, after being a drummer in a band.
Fortunately, it went away after two years. 
My current journey with Tinnitus and Hyperacusis started on June 6, 2020, one hour after taking benzodiazepines, trazodone and postoperative painkillers. This led to brutal tinnitus and a crackling sound like crickets in my right ear. Even the rubbing of the pillow caused ringing in my ear. 
On an online forum for people taking benzodiazepines, there are hundreds of people
reporting the same problems after prolonged benzodiazepine use. I asked my psychologist
at the time, who told me that her partner was an ”expert” on tinnitus. She didn’t give it any
importance and told me that it usually went away as it came. But I knew it was not normal
because of my previous horrible two year experience with tinnitus, and this time it was
worse. It sounded like a broken speaker; distorting the sound with crackling and popping
sounds. It was not like it was before. 
That was on a Friday, and since I had an appointment with my doctor the following Tuesday,
I decided not to go to the ER. When I visited my doctor and told him about my tinnitus, he
advised me to go to the ER to see an otolaryngologist. When I subsequently went to the
ENT, he told me I should have gone to the ER on the first day, because the sooner a sudden
problem like this is treated, the better your chances of recovery are. He prescribed
me corticosteroids and vitamin B. They did a hearing test and it turns out I had lost hearing in
my right ear compared to the other ear. Days went by and there was no improvement. 
The otolaryngologist told me that if I wanted to, I could try an intratympanic steroid
injection. However, he also said that he could not guarantee that it would improve me, and
told me it could possibly even make it worse, so I decided not to do it. 
Ever since taking these medications I can’t stand certain tones and any sound above 60
decibels. I also hear as if I have a broken speaker that sounds distorted. Most voices bother
me, either because of their pitch and/or because they are people who are used to speaking
very loudly. I sometimes find it very difficult to be in meetings with more than two people
because they tend to talk loudly. Sometimes even my own voice bothers me when I speak
Barking dogs are a real torture for me. Dogs have just the right tone that bothers me and a
very high decibel volume. Unfortunately I live in a neighborhood with many dogs that spend
all day and night barking, non-stop. 
I used to work in construction, but now I try to avoid it because it is impossible not to be
exposed to loud, high-pitched noises, such as from the sander or the circular saw.
Unfortunately, I cannot fully quit my job because I have not been able to find something
The only improvement I have had in these two and a bit years is when I manage to rest and
sleep 8 hours, which due to my insomnia and anxiety, and being surrounded by barking dogs
at all hours, is basically mission impossible. 
Any exposure to loud noises at close range for a long time makes my symptoms worse, so
any improvement I may have had after months of hopefully getting good rest and not being
exposed to noises can disappear in seconds, and then I’m back to where I was at the
Before this, I was learning to play the flute. But now I’m afraid to play it. Whistling has
become something I no longer enjoy. 
I once met a man who asked me why I wear earplugs and he said that he had the same
problem for two and a half years after a surfing accident and managed to overcome it. I
hope that someday it will heal for me like it did for him. 
Thank you for reading my story and hopefully this will help raise awareness of these hearing problems.


  1. Anonymous

    Tout à commencé le 15 avril 2020, j'ai fait 5 heures de guitare d'affilé avec un casque pourrie, un ampli virtuel avec une distortion qui a libéré des mauvaises fréquences dans mon casque même à faible volume, une fois la journée terminée, j'ai eu des acouphène pendant une soirée, le landemain j'avais des sensations de bouchons d'oreille et une légère hyperacousie (hyper sensibilité aux sons), je vais voir un généraliste qui me dit que c'est rien, que ça va passer, effectivement il avait raison, 4 semaines plus tard mes oreilles se rétablissaient, je faisais ma routine.
    Puis, mon père me demande de l'aider dans le jardin à transporter du bois, puis vient le moment où 2 rondins de bois s'entrechoquent et libèrent un choc sonore dans mes oreilles qui était encore fragiles, paf, c'est le drame: mon hyperacousie augmente de façons considérable, j'ai maintenant des acouphènes en permanences, palpitations au coeur, stress et angoisses, je passe par la case urgences, puis je consulte un ORL pour mes oreilles, pas de perte d'audition, il me dit que ça va passer, sauf que j'ai toujours les symptômes d'hyperacousie et acouphènes depuis maintenant 4 semaines.
    Là je peux plus rien faire, chaque son, chaque froissement, bruits de clé est comme un poignard dans les oreilles, les acouphènes recouvrent 50% de mon audition en temps normal et 70% pendant la nuit, je dors plus de mes nuits, stress quotidien, je fais plus rien de mes journées non plus, j'ai dû abandonner tous mes projets, mon stage, je sais même pas si je vais pouvoir commencer ma deuxième année de BTS, je vie seul dans ma chambre, replié sur moi-même, avec des bouchons et un casque anti-bruit car je supporte plus le son.
    Ma plus grosse crainte en tant que musicien était de devenir sourd ou de perdre de l'audition, mais j'aurais jamais imaginé quelque chose pareil, maintenant mon cauchemard prend vie.

  2. Hyperacusis Central

    Bonjour, nous sommes délosé de lire votre histoire avec l'hyperacousie. Courage à vous!


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