Sebrod’s Hyperacusis Story

by | Nov 21, 2022 | Video Stories, Videos | 1 comment

Sebrod has had Hyperacusis for about two years. At first, he was able to live life fairly normally as long as he wore plugs. However, after a night of clubbing his ears felt like they were on fire. Since that day he has been suffering from ear fullness, burning and especially stabbing pain.

“It’s horrendous pain that even when I’m not around any type of noise, it just lingers.”

He talks about how he suffers from noise, lost his job and shows some of the types of hearing protection he uses.

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  1. Tim

    Thanks for speaking about your situation so openly and honestly .it’s a lived experience reminder to those of us already with hyperacusis to not push things too far despite advice to the contrary. Hang in there and please remember the body will try and heal itself over time especially at your age. My hyperacusis has improved over many years and yours will too.


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