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Hyperacusis Central is comprised of a rotating collective of sufferers bound together by a desire to bring awareness to our condition. Increasing awareness is requisite for prevention, accurate diagnosis, patient education and garnering donations to fund medical research.

In order to accomplish our mission, we need all the assistance we can get from those within our community. One of the best ways to support the cause is by sharing your story on our platform.

The more sufferers we have speaking out, the better! It boosts our likelihood of reaching a wider audience, makes people realize this affliction affects individuals from all walks of life, and also helps them truly understand the degree to which hyperacusis impacts every facet of daily living.

We encourage you to tell your story however you see fit. Below are some general guideline suggestions to consider when composing your story:

  • Explain what you think caused your hyperacusis.
  • Explain how it affects your hearing.
  • If you experience pain, describe the type(s) of pain and the duration.
  • Explain what sounds / activities agitate your hyperacusis.
  • Explain what treatment / management options you have tried.
  • Explain what lifestyle changes you have made due to your condition.

You may also submit stories related to specific life experiences as viewed through the eyes of someone with hyperacusis e.g., business meetings, social gatherings, grocery shopping.

In addition, we encourage family, friends and caretakers of people suffering from hyperacusis to share their experience and advice for other non-sufferers, so they may learn how to balance accommodating this condition with everyday life.

You can read story examples on our blog or view them on our YouTube channel playlist:
Hyperacusis Testimonials.

If you would prefer to remain anonymous we can post your story under a pseudonym. We also have the ability to blur faces for video submissions.

As the conduit for awareness, we sufferers and our supporters can encourage potential donors to give to institutions that best serve our needs like Hyperacusis Research.

If you would like to share your story in written / video form, or volunteer to contribute to the collective in some other manner, please email us at hyperacusiscentral@gmail.com.


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